"A magic place, process and people to explore and launch your dreams for a better you and a better world. Your Inner Island tribe will be one you have for life."

- Tracy Frauzel

“Inner Island is a wonderful and clarifying experience for those thinking about  the next chapter in their life and not sure how to go about it."

- Fredrico

“Inner Island is a space supporting you to reach your vision by allowing for vulnerability. It aligns your passions, visions and values to one force”.

- Javeria Rizvi Kabani

"The Inner Island program and facilitators helped me to do a deep dive to fully understand my challenges and uncover and clarify my real dreams. I am walking out of this retreat much braver with a clear path ahead of me and a true believer of MAGIC”.

- Simona Nickmanova



Design Your Future

JANUARY 13 – FEBRUARY 17, 2022
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