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Inner Island online

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Inner Island is a transformative program taking place in extraordinary locations and online, utilising the latest methodologies from transformation design and facilitation as well as ancient modalities such as yoga and mindfulness meditation.

The main intention is to bring you to decisions with clarity and to transform your future intentions and your personal or work-related visions into reality.

release your potential

Release Your Potential

Inner Island is a guided process designed to support shaping your own future.

The sessions are conducted by experienced facilitators who will create the ultimate framework supporting your personal work. 

The Future Design process

Inner Island has been fine-tuned into a 5-phase Future Design process giving you the ultimate co-creation framework and tools that allow you to explore and launch your dreams for a better self and a better world.

The program is built with a red thread from A-Z so you can experience a progression in your development and have tangible outcomes, such as an overall vision, a strategy, guiding values and action plans.


Look back to identify and understand your past successes. Familiarise yourself with your habits, strengths and positive values that brought you here. Create a realistic base for analyzing your current situation by tracking your strengths and weaknesses as well as the potential opportunities and threats you are facing in the future.


Your values reflect what is important to you. Together with your beliefs, values are the causal factors that drive your decision-making. In this stage, you define strategic values based on your past successes. You will also define your main challenges and learn how to turn them into positively framed questions that open up new possibilities.


Envision an attractive future by nurturing your dreams and ambitions beyond limits. If you believe that the future can be shaped by you, then why not create the most inspiring horizon right from the get-go? After this phase, you will have an inspiring vision which guides a clear and meaningful direction in life.


In this stage, you will develop various ideas of ways and approaches to reach your vision. You will acknowledge your contexts and stakeholders, and you will create the real-life next steps and stages transforming your vision into reality. You will be guided and coached to create a concrete plan of how to proceed from your current situation into your desired future.


Getting things done. This phase asks you to define and commit to a pilot project – the very first milestone of your journey towards your goals. The real-life pilot project is built on an upgraded understanding of habits, confidence and proactive dedication to reach the measurable outcomes.

Locations for contemplation

Inner Island takes place on carefully selected locations all chosen to utilise extraordinary nature to support transformation.

Earlier locations have been a tropical castaway beach location on Andaman Island, a private island in West Papua and remote lakeside locations in the Finnish and Swedish forest. We curate and combine expert facilitators that bring their own unique skill sets to the table.


The retreats are guided by experienced teachers and facilitators designed to complement each other’s modalities to create a safe, dynamic and inspiring space to supercharge your development.
Please see our retreats and the upcoming Inner Island online for more info.


“A magic place, process and people to explore and launch your dreams for a better you and a better world. Your Inner island tribe will be one you have for life.”

– Tracy Frauzel

“Inner Island is a wonderful and clarifying experience for those thinking about their next chapter in their life and not sure how to go about it.

– Fredrico

“Inner Island is a space supporting you to reach your vision by allowing for vulnerability. It aligns your passions, visions and values to one force”.

– Javeria Rizvi Kabani

“The Inner island program and facilitators helped me to do a deep dive to fully understand my challenges and uncover and clarify my real dreams. I am walking out of this retreat much braver with a clear path ahead of me and a true believer of MAGIC”

– Simona Nickmanova

Inner Island Online

Inner Island Online is a 6 weeks program created to guide you in shaping your future. This facilitator-led collaborative program starts on the 13th of January 2021 and is for those who are dedicated to establishing their next chapter in life yet not sure how to go about it.

We will connect weekly in 90 min live online sessions, bringing together a diverse and supportive community. The approach can be applied to both work-related goals and personal development.

Our 5-phase Future Design process will help to ground you and bring new insights, it will nurture clarity and establish new conditions for you to move forward in a meaningful direction.