Design Your Future

Turn your visions into reality
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Your next chapter

Inner Island is a rare investment in yourself to align your passions, visions and values to one force.

Our programs are for those who are dedicated to establishing their next chapter.
The approach can be applied to both work-related goals and personal development.

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Release your potential

Inner Island utilises methodologies from transformation design and facilitation as well as ancient modalities such as mindfulness meditation. The intention is to bring you to decisions with clarity and to turn your personal or work-related visions into reality.

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Future design process

Our program has been fine-tuned into a 5-phase Future design process giving you the tools to explore and launch your dreams for a better self and a better world.


“The Inner Island program and facilitators helped me to do a deep dive to fully understand my challenges and uncover and clarify my real dreams. I am walking out of this retreat much braver with a clear path ahead of me and a true believer of MAGIC”

– Earlier Inner Island participant


Towards a meaningful future

During Inner Island you work on your intention regularly, with facilitated sessions, peer coaching, take-home tasks and meditation sessions.

You will get the opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness, a supportive community and vulnerability as you go through the Future design process. It will help you to settle your mind, clarify your intentions and find the courage to set things in motion towards a meaningful future.

The program is built with a red thread from A-Z so you can experience a progression in your development and have tangible outcomes, such as an overall vision, a strategy, guiding values and action plans.

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“Inner Island is a space supporting you to reach your vision by allowing for vulnerability. It aligns your passions, visions and values to one force”.

– Earlier Inner Island participant


Journal & events

In the Journal you can find our donation based projects and get access to some of the tools we use in our programs.

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  • We are very happy to invite you to our Sunday sessions with Bhikkhu Viveka.

  • Welcome to Inner Island morning meditations. Get yourself ready for the day by joining our free sessions.

  • Gain insights from your past by trying out a powerful tool for reflection: History mapping.

History Mapping

Together with the wonderful people over at Mural we have developed an official Mural template for History Mapping.

Use the Inner Island History Mapping template to look back on what you've done and decide what to focus on in the future.

Making time to reflect on your previous experiences and where you want to go is crucial for your personal and professional development.


Scaling Wisdom

We're happy to announce the Scaling Wisdom scholarship, which is part of our Pro Bono initiative.

Having access to personal development nurtures leadership qualities and ones ability to take agency, this will not only serve the individuals but also the community around them.




Inner Island Illumination

January 4 - February 1
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