Sept 8 – Oct 13, 2021

Inner Island Online

Henrik Johansson and Gayathri Rathinavelu are the two main facilitators for the Inner Island Online program. As the red thread that binds everything together during these six weeks, they will put the framework for an inspiring and thought-provoking program.

Specially invited guests Åsa Norell and Risto Kuulasmaa will join in to share their knowledge and expertise in relation to the current module at a relevant stage in the course, speaking from experience and there to inspire with their tools and methods.

You will also have the option to book additional one to one coaching sessions with them or with Johanne Eriksen and Henrik Challis.

Henrik Johansson


Henrik designs and leads processes for organizational and personal transformation that empower people to envision their future, manage change and create the forward movement to manifest visions into reality. He has a passion to make people smarter together and has been facilitating collaborative group processes for 15 years for over 10.000+ people.

Henrik is the co-founder of Inner Island,  co-owner at Emerging, the founder of Fantastic Studios and a trainer for Potential Projects. He helps organizations enhance performance, resilience and innovation through mind training programs and have been involved in various innovation projects for clients including Hyper Island, Greenpeace, IKEA etc.

Henrik is a mindfulness practitioner since 20 years and have made it into one of his main priorities in life. He spends extensive periods every year in retreat with the meditation master Sayadaw U Tejaniya in Myanmar.

Gayathri Rathinavelu


Gayatri is a social entrepreneur and a dedicated meditation practitioner with a passion for authentic leadership and creating a supportive and safe space for people to heal themselves and thrive in their full potential. She is a certified trainer within several leadership, team and personal development processes. She has over ten years of experience of building social businesses that aims to create a positive impact in society and hosting leadership programs that raises the level of trust and openness in teams and supporting individuals to come in contact with their innate potential.

She has co-founded two social businesses; The Good Tribe and The Good Talents. Over the years she has coached and supported the startup of other social businesses, and currently doing so through her role as Program manager at Reach for Change.

Risto Kuulasmaa


Risto Kuulasmaa is an entrepreneur, a coach and lifelong learner. His approach is rooted in his own personal discovery in human potential and an award-winning career as a creative entrepreneur for 10 years.

During the past 20 years, I’ve been lucky to learn from multiple coaches, teachers and mentors who have helped me to stay curious and create my very own path of life-long learning.

I have raised seven figures of funding for my startup, worked as an broadcasting company executive and leader for 200 people, organized events globally for over 145.000 visitors, and won multiple awards as a television producer and director working closely with talents and public personas. I have lived in four countries and visited over 50. I have exhibited as a photographer and authored a book.

During my path, I have failed a lot. I’ve been failing big time in board rooms and in personal life. I am very familiar with the dark moments of confusion, procrastination and the feeling of being lost. And exactly in these moments, I’ve leaned towards the support of coaching and mentoring guiding me forward to breakthroughs and better decisions.

Currently, I am leading Amsterdam-based agency Magnetica, serving as a coach at The Next Chapter and volunteering as a UNICEF FInland board member.

I consider my biggest achievement is my meditation practice and my routine to attend regularly 10 day-long silent meditation retreats.

Åsa Norell


Entrepreneurial background as Director and Head of Design and Facilitation/R&D of the world renowned school Hyper Island. Areas of expertise include working globally with development programs for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and human rights activists alike. Focusing on shifting mindset, behaviours and systems by integrating the full potential of people, technology and sustainability.

Firmly believe in people’s and organisation’s potential, ability to develop, find new ways forward, and take responsibility for their own learning journeys to create change for real.

I want us to collectively speed up/scale up the consciousness shift and the operating systems needed to co-create more compassionate, creative, collaborative and qualitative lives/organisations/businesses/nations. When we do that we ignite, equip and empower people to generate sustainable wellbeing, quality and prosperity, for all involved. Exponentialise this shift, together with others, is my mission and daily fun.

To support people and organisations to shift from historically inherited conventional ways of being and doing to more innovative approaches is a great joy. A growing number of organisations are turning to collaborations — within the organisations, with suppliers, NGOs, industry partners, and governments — to become more sustainable. As sustainability issues become increasingly complex, global in nature and pivotal to success, we realise that we can’t make the necessary impact acting alone.

My current toolbox as a Strategic Consultant and Learning designer and Facilitator focus on creating healthy and prosperous businesses through creative collaboration (ie. Emotional intelligence/Neuroscience of leadership, Interpersonal relations/Group dynamics, Creativity/Collaboration, Design thinking/Systems thinking etc.).

Some of the tribes I come from and belong to:

- Oikocredit's International Supervisory Board. Oikocredit is a worldwide cooperative and social investor, providing funding
- Process designer and facilitator of the Swedish Institute/Hyper Island programs for Human Rights Activists, ie. Leader Lab
- The Collaboration Lab. Currently working with a change maker program with the governmental party in Sweden
- Proud part-owner and educational (r)evolutionary at Hyper Island. Part of the wonderful team who built Hyper Island from a small island in south of Sweden to a global organisation and learning movement

Love my work, life, work life as a leader, Process designer and Facilitator.

Henrik Challis


Henrik designs and leads processes for transformation. He has been involved in numerous development processes for regions, cities as well as multinational companies. He was leader of the team awarded with the Danish “Management Award 2009” in the category of strategy and business development for a large scale turnaround in Vestas Wind Systems A/S.

Henrik became partner of the consulting company PlanB in 2004 and in 2010 he started as Managing Director. During his time in PlanB the company experienced a growth of almost 800% and supported in numerous change, innovation and transformation processes across the private and public sector. In 2015 PlanB was sold to Mannaz A/S and in 2018 Henrik co-founded Emerging.

First and foremost I am a learner and I have strong ability to nurture my own curiosity. Typically in my line of work I pick up the scent of hidden opportunities and starts working on ways for the opportunities to unfold. Two of my strongest questions that I spend a lot of time with is: What is trying to emerge? And how can we make space for it?

Henrik lives in a fisherman village on the southern coast of Sweden and is also a Teamrider for F-one Sweden, specializing in wave kitesurfing.

Johanne Eriksen


Johanne Eriksen facilitates learning journeys for individuals and groups who are looking for cahange in their own lives and organizations. Her work centers around embodied personal leadership, understanding systemic change and growing the capacity for learning from life as it unfolds.

She is the co-founder of Emerging and co-hosts the podcast Processpodden. Johanne has 20+ years of experience with transformation processes as a coach, process facilitator and psychotherapist. She works with a wide range of organizations and people, with executive coaching, group dynamics/teambuilding, organizational culture creation and conflict resolution.

A certified psychotherapist and organizational consultant with a passion for creating new meaning and deeper connection to purpose. I thrive on finding new ways through reflection and integrating perspectives that are seemingly very different.

Some changes on my own path I welcome with open arms, and some make me tense up and want to run away. Either way I prefer to meet challenges fully aware, ask for help and guidance, experience the present moment and learn from it.



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