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Design Your Future

22 April — 27 May

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Are you ready to make the best use of your time?

Recent global disruptions have put in place new challenges for us all. How we approach our future in a world of uncertainty is more crucial than ever. We are here to help you with the tools needed to move forward in your desired direction.

Design Your Future is a 6 weeks online retreat created to guide you in shaping your future. This facilitator-led collaborative program starts on the 22nd of April and is for those who are dedicated to establishing their next chapter in life yet not sure how to go about it.

We will connect weekly in a 90 min live online session, bringing together a diverse and supportive community. The approach can be applied to both work-related goals and personal development.

The Design Your Future 4-step process will help to ground you and bring new insights, it will nurture clarity and establish new conditions for you to move forward in a meaningful direction.

“Inner Island is a space supporting you to reach your vision by allowing for vulnerability. It aligns your passions, visions and values to one force”.
– Javeria Rizvi Kabani (earlier participant)

Supercharge your development

Inner Island is a rare investment in yourself where you get the opportunity to identify and put the spotlight on the key challenges that are limiting you to rise above what you thought was possible. You will explore questions like “What is the challenge that would make the biggest difference for me if solved?”

Our methodologies come from transformation design, proactive planning, appreciative inquiry, strategy development, peer coaching and guided mindfulness meditation. At Inner Island, we combine viable methods from cutting edge business contexts with ancient wisdom practices. A diverse set of modalities and methodology is key to disrupt the thinking process and help gain new and unexpected perspectives that can lead to insight. The combination creates a holistic future design workshop to supercharge your development.   

Read more about our methodology here.

“More than 80 % of the world-class performers I’ve interviewed have some form of daily meditation or mindfulness practice. Both can be thought of as cultivating a present-state awareness that helps you to be nonreactive. It is a “meta-skill” that improves everything else”
–Tim Ferris


The live workshop sessions will take place online weekly and during these, we will explore the 4 phases in the Future Design Process.

Between these sessions, you will work individually using printable visual templates, gain support in your peer coaching groups, access curated material and work through tasks while receiving support from your online facilitator. 

Each session starts with a short guided meditation. Basic meditation instructions and the science behind mindfulness will be provided. We will continue by reflecting on the previous week. The session ends with method instructions and a Q&A to equip you with all the necessary materials for your work until our next online get-together. Later in the week, you will check in with your peer coaching groups, share insights, challenges and support each other.


As a participant, you need to dedicate a minimum of 4 h weekly for both group sessions and peer group coaching. The recommendation is to attend the 90 min weekly live session, dedicate 2 h of own work and 1 h of peer group coaching. The live sessions will be recorded, so if you miss them you can watch them when it fits your schedule. 

“Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.”
–Gloria Steinem

The Future
Design process

Inner Island has been fine-tuned into a 4 phase future design process giving you the ultimate co-creation framework, the tools and practices that allow you to explore and launch your dreams for a better self and a better world.

The program is built with a red thread from A-Z so you can experience a progression in your development and have tangible outcomes, such as an overall vision, a strategy, guiding values and action plans.


Look back to identify and understand your past successes. Familiarise yourself with your habits, strengths and values that brought you here. Clearly define the challenge that will have the biggest impact on your life if solved.


Envision an attractive future by nurturing your dreams and ambitions beyond limits. After this phase, you will have an inspiring vision which guides a clear and meaningful direction in your life.


Develop various ways and approaches to reach your vision. You will be guided and coached to create a concrete plan on how to proceed from your current situation into your desired future.


Getting things done! Define and commit to your personal pilot project – the very first milestone of your journey to reach your goals.

Facilitators, coaches and guest experts

Henrik Johansson and Gayathri Rathinavelu are the two main facilitators for Design Your Future. As the red thread that binds everything together during these six weeks, they will put the framework for an inspiring and thought-provoking program. You will also have the option to book additional one-to-one coaching sessions with them, Johanne Eriksen and Henrik Challis.

Specially invited guest experts Åsa Norell and Risto Kuulasmaa will join in to share their knowledge and expertise in relation to the current module at a relevant stage in the course, speaking from experience and there to inspire with their tools and methods.

Henrik Johansson

Facilitator / Coach

Henrik designs and leads processes for organisational and personal transformation that empower people to envision their future, manage change and create the forward movement to manifest visions into reality.

He has a passion to make people smarter together and has been facilitating collaborative group processes for 15 years for over 10.000+ people. Henrik is the co-founder of Inner Island, co-owner at Emerging, the founder of Fantastic Studios and a trainer for Potential Projects.

Read more about Henrik here>

Gayathri Rathinavelu

Facilitator / Coach

Gayatri is a social entrepreneur and a dedicated meditation practitioner with a passion for authentic leadership and creating a supportive and safe space for people to heal themselves and thrive in their full potential.

She is a certified trainer within several leadership, team and personal development processes. She has over ten years of experience of building social businesses that aims to create a positive impact in society. She has co-founded two social businesses; The Good Tribe and The Good Talents.

Read more about Gayathri here>

Henrik Challis


Henrik Challis is an experienced coach within leadership and transformation. He is active in Scandinavia, from where he works internationally. Henrik usually leads or supports leaders with responsibility for large scale strategy realization, business development and organizational transformation. He is also a seasoned entrepreneur and a teamrider for F-one Sweden, specializing in wave kitesurfing.

Read more about Henrik here>

Johanne Eriksen


Johanne facilitates learning journeys for individuals and groups who are looking for change in their own lives and organizations. Her work centers around embodied personal leadership, understanding systemic change and growing the capacity for learning from life as it unfolds.

She is co-founder of Emerging and co-hosts the podcast Processpodden. Johanne has 20+ years of experience with transformation processes ranging from executive coaching and couples therapy over organizational culture creation to conflict resolution.

Read more about Johanne here>

Risto Kuulasmaa

GUEST EXPERT: ‘How to get unstuck / how to communicate your new vision’

Risto is an entrepreneur, a coach and lifelong learner. His approach is rooted in his own personal discovery in human potential and an award-winning career as a creative entrepreneur for 10 years.

Currently, he is leading Amsterdam-based agency Magnetica, serving as a coach at The Next Chapter and volunteering as a UNICEF Finland board member.

Read more about Risto here>

Åsa Norell

GUEST EXPERT: ‘How to embody and work with guiding values in turbulent times ‘

Åsa is a leader, process designer and facilitator. Her entrepreneurial background is as Director and Head of Design and Facilitation/R&D of the world renowned school Hyper Island.

Areas of expertise include working globally with development programs for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and human rights activists alike. Focusing on shifting mindset, behaviours and systems by integrating the full potential of people, technology and sustainability.

Read more about Åsa here>


The entire course is conducted in English. 

Courses with available seats

The next workshop starts on April 22 and ends on May 27 2020. Each of the 6 facilitator-led session runs between 7.00 – 8:30 pm every Wednesday.


Alternative 1:

6 live online sessions with guidance from facilitators, guest experts and peer group support. Working templates and curated content is included. 

Corporate price 1390 € (1110 € +VAT)
Private person price 990 € (790 € + VAT)

Alternative 2

3 live online sessions one-to-one coaching with a professional facilitator/coach plus the above package

Corporate price 2885 € (2165 € +VAT)
Private person price 2040 € (1530 € + VAT)

Pro bono:
We are offering a limited number of free seats only available for people that have very limited economic resources. Contact [email protected] directly to apply for this option.

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