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Nordic Light Edition

20 July — 26 July

Design your future as you want it

Do you believe that the future can be shaped by you?
Are you ready to make meaningful change come through?
Do you have a dream that you want to turn into reality?

Our next retreat takes place in the serene environment of Borntorpet, in the wild forest of Bergslagen, a two-hour drive from Stockholm. The lakeside setting offers a nourishing immersion into Nordic nature.

Borntorpet is a fantastic place to encounter the very best of Sweden’s wildlife. Other than enjoying its abundant flora, the magnificent ”king of the Swedish forest”, moose – can be seen here in its natural habitat, and the many lakes and watercourses are home to the beaver. The area has also proven to be one of the best regions in Sweden to see other wildlife such as wolves, bears, lynx and owls. Being located just two hours away from Stockholm, the area is easily accessible and makes a great option for a short break wildlife destination.

Inner Island Nordic Light Edition is a 7-day long transformative workshop with the intention to transform your personal or work-related visions into reality. The retreat is for those who are ready and dedicated to making meaningful change come through but not sure how to go about it. 

The retreat is a guided process designed to support shaping your own future and provides six hours daily program (except on arrival and departure day). 

Inner Island is a combination of a Proactive Future Design workshop, yoga and meditation retreat with active rest and reflection. The program consists of facilitated Future Design workshops, co-creative sessions and peer coaching. The Yoga sessions are oriented towards slow and deep movements, which allows your body and mind to relax, thereby releasing deep inner tension and letting you access your quieter and wiser inner voice. 
Read more here about our methodology >

Release your potential

Have the greatest effort in a relaxed way without forcing, without creating tension

We start the day with morning yoga and close our days with optional sharing, sauna and other activities. You will have space to enjoy your own time in the enchanting setting and we invite you to go offline, step away from the everyday routine and to reconnect to yourself and nature.

General daily schedule

06.30 Wake up
07.00 Yoga and meditation
09.00 Breakfast and rest (in silence)
10.30 Workshop session
13.30 Lunch and own time
17.00 Co-creative session (optional)
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Closing & sharing (sauna and other activities)

Subject to change


The location is chosen to provide secludedness, stillness to support your reflection and contemplation. The place is perfect for forest walks, wild swimming, kayaking and has a fantastic floating wood-fired sauna. Participants will be accommodated in double and triple rooms and provide wholesome vegetarian meals, inspired by Ayurveda (holistic healing). 

The Facilitators

Henrik Johansson


Henrik designs and leads processes for organizational and personal transformation that empower people to envision their future, manage change and create the forward movement to manifest visions into reality. He has a passion to make people smarter together and has been facilitating collaborative group processes for 15 years for over 10.000+ people.

Henrik is the co-founder of Inner Island,  co-owner at Emerging, the founder of Fantastic Studios and a trainer for Potential Projects and helps organisations enhance performance, resilience and innovation through mind training programs and have been involved in various innovation projects for clients including Hyper Island, Greenpeace, IKEA etc. 

Henrik is a mindfulness practitioner since 20 years and have made it into one of his main priorities in life and spending extensive periods every year in retreat with the meditation master Sayadaw U Tejaniya in Myanmar and practising yoga at Atmavikasa Center of Yogic Science, Mysore, India.

Gayathri Rathinavelu


Gayatri is a social entrepreneur and a dedicated meditation practitioner with a passion for authentic leadership and creating a supportive and safe space for people to heal themselves and thrive in their full potential. She is a certified trainer within several leadership, team and personal development processes. She has over ten years of experience of building social businesses that aims to create a positive impact in society and hosting leadership programs that raises the level of trust and openness in teams and supporting individuals to come in contact with their innate potential.

She has co-founded two social businesses; The Good Tribe and The Good Talents. Over the years she has coached and supported the startup of other social businesses, and currently doing so through her role as Program Manager at Reach for Change.

Gayatri was brought up in the chaotic and beautiful intersection of two opposite cultures, India and Sweden. This experience, of learning to embrace the opposite set of values, belief systems and at the same time having access to rich cultures set the foundation and

Jenny Janaki Solberg

Yoga Teacher & facilitator

Janakis spiritual journey started eight years ago in India when she met her Yoga teacher. This was the start of a life long study of the inquiry into her real being. A few years ago, she met her Guru in Bali, with whom she started studying traditional Vedanta.

Janaki is the co-founder of Nordic Light Yoga Her teaching is based on traditional Hatha Yoga principles of both the sun’s dynamic, energising postures, and also the moon’s inward going stillness and relaxation. 

She is passionately dedicated to understanding the meaning of true happiness, and what it means to live a spiritual life. In her teaching, she assists with softness and compassion, allowing the uniqueness of every person and their process to take place. 


She did her first Hatha Yoga TTC in India with Atmavikasa Yoga eight years ago and has been going frequently every year to practise. She has done Sama Yoga Teacher Training and studied a variety of other yoga styles.

How to get there

Check-in Monday 20th July 4 PM / Check out Sunday 26rd July 3 PM. 

By air

The nearest airport to Shambala is Stockholm Vasteras. The second nearest airport is Arlanda airport, the main airport in Sweden. You can easily fly from all over Europe to both airports with low fare airlines such as Ryanair. Check for more options. Then take a train all the way to Skinnskatteberg from both of them.

By train and bus

We are fortunate to have a train station at Skinnskatteberg only 5 minutes ride from the centre. We offer a free pick up service for retreat arrivals 10 am – 8 pm from this station in summer. Please inform us in advance of your arrival. For train and bus times, visit

By car

From Stockholm, simply take road E18 towards Oslo. After having passed through Vasteras, take a right on route 66 towards Ludvika. After about 30 km, take a left on road 233 towards Skinnskatteberg. Right before arriving at the centre of town you will see on your right a company called Team Däck, turn right at this point and follow the dirt road to Borntorpet. Or simply open our location on Google maps with this link on your navigator and follow directions.

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This form collects your name and email so that we can add you to our contact list to be able to contact you with information regarding Inner Island. We respect your privacy.

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