Inner Island

Concept and methodology

Inner Island is a rare investment in yourself where you get the opportunity to identify and put the spotlight on the key challenges that are limiting you to rise above what you thought was possible. You will explore questions like “What is the challenge that would make the biggest difference for me if solved?” 

Locations for transformation

Inner Island takes place on carefully selected locations all chosen to utilize extraordinary nature to support transformation. Earlier locations have been a tropical castaway beach location on Andaman Island, a private island in West Papua and remote lakeside locations in the Finnish and Swedish forest. We curate and combine expert facilitators that bring their own unique skill sets to the table.

We also offer a six week live facilitated online program. Please see our upcoming Inner Island Online for more info.


The future design process

Inner Island has been fine-tuned into a 5-phase future design process giving you the ultimate co-creation framework, and the tools that allow you to explore and launch your dreams for a better self and a better world.

The program is built with a red thread from A-Z so you can experience a progression in your development and have tangible outcomes, such as an overall vision, a strategy, guiding values and action plans.


Look back to identify and understand your past successes. Familiarise yourself with your habits, strengths and positive values that brought you here. Create a realistic base for analyzing your current situation by tracking your strengths and weaknesses as well as the potential opportunities and threats you are facing in the future.


Your values reflect what is important to you. Together with your beliefs, values are the causal factors that drive your decision-making. In this stage, you define strategic values based on your past successes. You will also define your main challenges and learn how to turn them into positively framed questions that open up new possibilities.


Envision an attractive future by nurturing your dreams and ambitions beyond limits. If you believe that the future can be shaped by you, then why not create the most inspiring horizon right from the get-go? After this phase, you will have an inspiring vision which guides a clear and meaningful direction in life.


In this stage, you will develop various ideas of ways and approaches to reach your vision. You will acknowledge your contexts and stakeholders, and you will create the real-life next steps and stages transforming your vision into reality. You will be guided and coached to create a concrete plan of how to proceed from your current situation into your desired future.


Getting things done. This phase asks you to define and commit to a pilot project – the very first milestone of your journey towards your goals. The real-life pilot project is built on an upgraded understanding of habits, confidence and proactive dedication to reach the measurable outcomes.


At Inner Island, we combine the best methods from cutting edge business strategy processes with ancient wisdom practices. A diverse set of modalities and methodology is key to disrupt the thinking and help gain new and unexpected perspectives that can lead to insight. Some of the implemented methods are proactive planning, appreciative inquiry, strategy development, peer coaching, yogic science and mindfulness. The combination creates a holistic future design workshop to supercharge your development.  


In this era of connected disconnection and confused mixture of dystopian and utopian visions the level of burnouts and feeling of being alone or not having anyone to talk to in times of hardship is steadily increasing. Attention deficit traits have skyrocketed the last decade and people have increasing difficulty maintaining the attention on one thing for an extended period of time. When the mind is constantly distracted it changes the brain structure in what science calls the phenomenon of neuroplasticity. 

In an agitated and reactive mind, our outlook is coloured by these mind states and produces mostly ideas with unconstructive qualities. Inner Island gives you the opportunity to settle the mind so that your ideas can come from a place of calmness and wisdom instead of a place of noise and distress. 

The Inner Island methodology is based on research in behaviour change, transformation, mindfulness and yogic science for people to accelerate their own personal growth but also includes how they can contribute to a bigger community. All for a better you and a better world.

Meditation and Yoga

Inner Island connects workshop modules with supporting body-mind-energy practices including yoga* and meditation. The yoga practice will offer a variable degree of challenge, but the style of yoga being shared is suitable for everyone, from regular practitioners to those with little or no previous experience. The sequences are designed to complement the other elements of the program and will offer an opportunity to develop a practical toolkit of techniques. (Yoga is only part of our IRL-retreats, not Inner Island Online.)

We create conditions for the participants to move into phases of deep relaxation as we know this is fundamental for deep reflection, clear thinking and creativity. You will learn the tools and perspectives on how to relax your mind, increase your level of reflection and creativity. 

During the retreat, we introduce mindfulness as a tool to maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and the surrounding environment. Through a gentle and relaxed process that refocus on the present moment, we create the condition for awareness to arise continuously over and over again.


There is a combination of individual work, peer group support and whole group sharing. Participants have different needs when it comes to their own reflection, sharing and interaction. We make sure individual needs are outspoken and will try to adapt the program to support individual wishes. At the beginning of the retreat, we spend time on clarifying expectations and set the guidelines for the supportive behaviours needed to make each retreat a safe and supportive space for all participants. 

Peer coaching

During the retreat, participants are matchmaked into peer-coaching groups supporting each other, finding new perspectives to their challenges and future direction. There are many optional opportunities to interact, co-create and share what you are processing. Relations are created forming an Inner island supportive community that will be one that you have for life.

We understand how easy it is to get sidetracked and before you know it, weeks and months go by without you making as much progress as you would have liked. We want to make sure that this doesn’t happen, so after the retreat, the participants are encouraged to keep in touch with each other and to continue providing peer-to-peer support in the pilot project phase that follows after the retreat. If there is an interest from the participants we will offer a 3 day follow up a time after the retreat. This follow-up is specially designed for those who want to activate the power of the Inner Island supportive community and have a need to refuel the vision and re-adjust the goals to make their next chapter come alive.


Previous participants have worked with deeply personal challenges as well as business and career-oriented challenges such as:

• How can I create space to build more meaningful relations?

• How can I get clarity about setting up my business to make it enjoyable to run, valuable for others as well as profitable?.

• I wish to overcome the mental block preventing me from moving forward.

• After being burned out how can I be a healthy leader in my new challenging position?

• Who do I want to be now? How can I re-invent myself?

• How can I develop my company so it can grow without me?

• How can I get my winning spirit back after the depression?

• How can I create the best conditions to build a family in Finland after relocating my business from Russia?

• How can I design a career roadmap that allows me to work on interesting projects and keep on growing professionally while still being able to enjoy motherhood and fulfilling personal life?

After following up on earlier participants we are very happy to share that 90% expresses that they have succeeded in reaching their visions and/or changed the direction of their life in a meaningful way.

By clearing up and sharpen their intentions they have understood how to overcome their challenges, reflecting and working with methods to understand:

Where do I come from and what created my earlier flow and successes?

What are my current situation and opportunities?

What are the challenges that if solved would give the biggest positive impact on my life and the world? 

● What are the values that will support me to reach my vision?

● What do I dream about and what would be a meaningful direction for me?

● What are the strategies, plans and actions I need to take to reach my visions and goals?

I usually figure stuff out as I go along, seldom taking the time to really give me and my future the attention it deserves. Inner Island gave me space and support to take the time for me to figure the future out in a very productive and structured way that brought new insights and a clear vision for the future. Something I know I would not have achieved on my own. The support from the community and the process they have designed made it possible!

Earlier particiant, Inner Island Online